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Gofraj Baskı Embos Baskı Gofraj Silindiri Embossed embossing rollers used in the printing of jobs. Deeper than normal printing rollers, embossing rollers are processed. Today, using the technique of embossing rollers are usually acid reduction. Other systems can be made using CNC machines and laser engraving machines. User area is quite large embossing rollers. Although at first floor coverings synthetic leather, pvc table cloth, plexiglass, hardwood, aluminum and other metal materials can be applied on. 4500mm length range from 40mm using acid reduction technique, çap'a 45mm up to 470mm diameter heads, the maximum engraving are able to make up to 2000 microns. Gofraj Baskı Embos Baskı Gofraj Silindiri Gofraj

20.05.2013. 10:57


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