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Silindir Klişe - Baskı Silindiri Cliche-drawn steel pipes are used. Patterns directly onto steel plates coated with copper or processed. Cylinder plate packaging, textile, food, wood, leather, used in many industries, such as pharmaceuticals. Graphic work on the processed plate, turning in a painting within the painting pan, screen painting called pits will be filled. You can then print more paint stripping knife scraped material is passed on directly or indirectly. Silindir Klişe - Baskı Silindiri Klişe

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Klişe Gravür

Klişe Gravür Gofraj Silindiri, Tube Printing (Textile dyeing) Reçine Aktarma Silindiri, cylinder engraving and printing patterns of the tube by design or original drawings are committed to be ready for printing. Duvar Kağıdı Baskı Silindiri, Textile printing cylinder Varak Baskı Silindiri, can produce all kinds of size and the environment. İlaç Baskı Silindiri, Special screens, Dekoratif Baskı Silindiri, giving depth to the thickness of the fabric we use, Deri - Suni Deri Baskı Silindiri, and to be printed, printing, Tekstil Baskı Silindiri, we provide you the best result. Matlaştırma Silindirleri, Tram Silindirleri, Transfer Baskı Silindiri, Hot-Melt Silindiri, Tüp Baskı - Klişe- Gravür - Gofraj - Embos - Baskı Silindiri - Silindir İmalatı

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